A Reply to Later’s Top 7 Instagram Marketing Trends for 2020

A Reply to Later’s Top 7 Instagram Marketing Trends for 2020 

by Evelyn Stetzer


Happy New Year from your friends at TSG! One of our favorite platforms that we use daily to schedule content, Later, posted their projections for 2020 trends. Here are some answers to questions you might be asking about your social profiles and how to maximize on these trends:

What do hidden likes mean for how I produce content?

This article is spot on when it says Instagram’s update can encourage both “saving your best content for in-feed” and people posting more, less filtered content, since the vanity metric of likes are soon to be gone. These are the two natural side effects when a limitation like a number grading your posts is removed: you feel less pressure to post or you become shyer to post if there’s isn’t a visible affirmation that your post is good in the eyes of others. Hence why we call this a vanity metric: “likes” were never really a good metric to follow to gauge your community engagement in the first place.

Key Performance Metrics (KPIs) we follow for organic content include comments, saves, clicks through to your website, and posts shares. These metrics show higher brand recognition and higher intention to purchase.

For jewelry brands, for example, we recommend doing a mixture of both styles of content to keep people engaged beyond likes: the highly curated, up-close photos of jewelry (going for wow factor here), and the more influencer-type, lifestyle shots that make it feel like someone you know personally is wearing your jewelry...and subtly recommending your brand to them.

Beyond the assets, we recommend mixing in two styles of copy as well to keep your audience engaged: long-format style copy and short, quippy captions. Tell a customer’s story picking out their engagement ring or list out all of your jewelry services. Then the next day, try something along the lines of, “Diamonds never go out of style. 💎” with the appropriate image or video.

Here are a few jewelry brands already rocking these trending styles of copy and imagery for inspiration:

Without likes, we also see product tagging as even more essential to give users something to click through to! It’s the new “double-tap”. And good news, it’s just as seamless as tagging a friend in a post. All you need to do is start a Facebook Product Catalog and add a few products and you’re ready to go! 

Should I start posting less?

You should definitely be careful about how often you post a week. In 2019, we would recommend 4-5 posts per week for our clients, but the appetite of consumers on Instagram and Facebook (and other platforms) is constantly shifting. Factors like Facebook’s algorithm changes and social media becoming more saturated with ads and, in general, brands hoping to sell through the platform contribute to this shift. 

I notice in myself and in younger generations that it’s easier to scroll past something now. The more flat, dynamic-less images and copy I see from a brand, the quicker I am to blaze right by it and lose interest. Therefore, posting 3-5 times a week may be more appropriate for your brand if you’re spending more time curating content that will stick like thoughtful copy paired with dynamic assets.

As a caveat, it’s important to remember that Later’s 2.3 posts a week projection applies to personal profiles. Business profiles post more overall, with brands like Madewell and Anthropologie posting every day to stay in its loyal audience’s top of feed and top of mind. 

If you do choose to post less in the hopes of executing on more curated, intentional posting, integrate more Instagram stories and plan IGTV series’ to cater to the data showing that users are stopping to consume mostly video right now. For example, we recommend blogs topics monthly for our clients with points that can each be recorded into IGTV posts. Post these over the entire month, and your series will keep people engaged long beyond one post mentioning your recent blog post. We’d also recommend trying more up-close video content of jewelry to start replacing static posts. This goes along with the “saving your best content for feed” idea. 

For business profiles who are in a phase of still trying to build a strong, engaged audience, we also recommend setting aside a monthly budget of $300-$600 to boost your best posts. This is a key way to make sure your engagement doesn’t drop off completely when you’re posting less.

Should I start a TikTok account?

We think it’s tricky for a business to do TikTok well. It’s about absurdity and humor, as well as being a playground for influencers to share their lifestyles in a more interactive way.

The elements that show the future of social media are everything we mentioned above – less edited lifestyle content, more video content, opportunities for interactive consumption, and well, a good personality shining through in all of it.

We recommend each business taking these elements of TikTok and incorporating it into your content before starting an account. Explore your sense of humor and personality on your social profiles. Tell your audience more about your family, your interests, your history, your customer’s stories, and more. The tricky part as a business is making sure that your culture online matches your culture in-store, so we recommend keeping your level of openness and cordiality consistent.  

Overall, ask yourself if what you’re doing now is WORKING. Are you building credibility for your brand that’s translating in profit and solid events? Don’t minimize the importance of building momentum and riding the wave of what you’re already doing as far as it can go for your business. However, if you’re looking to shake up your brand’s tone of voice and how you produce content, now is the time. Experiment with what you think might grab attention blended with what you know is already working. You might just start a whole new avenue of experience for your audience that you can keep doing for months to come. We’re confident you’ll see exponential growth in return!


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