How To Think Like An Ad Strategist

How to think like an Ad Strategist

by Cody Giles

In college, I took a speech class. Every week, we would learn about the different aspects of a really successful speech. Though we covered structure, subject, delivery, and even personal aesthetics, our professors stressed one of the most important components - Know. Your. Audience. Just like my speech class, the success of a digital advertising campaign often hinges on the ability to not only identify your audience(s), but also the strategic use of messaging and imagery to speak directly to them.


Imagine being a seventeen-year-old receiving ads for a high-end jewelry designer - are you going to click on that ad? Not likely. You may even roll your eyes and say “who thought that I would be interested in this?” - this exactly the kind of response that you want to try to avoid. As you’re building a strategy for a campaign, the very first thing you need to do is ask yourself a number of questions.


The very...

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