Client Success Stories

Client Success Stories

by Andy Kalan


I remember the thrill of excitement. Each morning when I walked into the office, I would call out to one of our ad strategists, “What is tally today?” And each day, like the building swell of Holiday spirit toward the eve of Christmas, it grew—insurmountably. Our team was doing the impossible. In the frantic lead up to the year’s biggest shopping extravaganza, we put together the first of what has been many successful multi-faceted holiday campaigns.  

It all started with a pre-Black Friday blitz to all of their subscribers, sounding the alarm on what was going to be the sale of the season—fashionable jewelry from one of the industry’s most in vogue new faces. As an email went out along with the launch of our ads, we saw immediate results. One purchase, two, three…the revenue climbing as followers of the brand jumped on the opportunity to seize the sale. The creative was masterful,...

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