A Reply to Later’s Top 7 Instagram Marketing Trends for 2020

A Reply to Later’s Top 7 Instagram Marketing Trends for 2020 

by Evelyn Stetzer


Happy New Year from your friends at TSG! One of our favorite platforms that we use daily to schedule content, Later, posted their projections for 2020 trends. Here are some answers to questions you might be asking about your social profiles and how to maximize on these trends:

What do hidden likes mean for how I produce content?

This article is spot on when it says Instagram’s update can encourage both “saving your best content for in-feed” and people posting more, less filtered content, since the vanity metric of likes are soon to be gone. These are the two natural side effects when a limitation like a number grading your posts is removed: you feel less pressure to post or you become shyer to post if there’s isn’t a visible affirmation that your post is good in the eyes of others. Hence why we call this a vanity metric: “likes” were never...

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