Tips for Writing Good Hashtags

Tips for Writing Good Hashtags

by Erin Lashley

The key to writing good hashtags is planning ahead to curate a library of hashtags that you can pull from when scheduling out your content. This will allow you to have a better workflow and be more efficient with your time as a content creator. The more work you can do upfront, the more you can create quantitative, quality content.

The best way to find good hashtags is to use the search feature in the Instagram App and search “Tags” for keywords users would use to find your content. You’ll notice each hashtag has a set number of posts associated with it. The key here is to collect a list of hashtags that have a variety of posts associated with it.

For example, look for hashtags that have between 10,000 - 50,000 posts, 50,000 - 200,000 posts, 200,000 - 500,000 posts, etc. Having hashtags that reside in larger pools may get your content seen by more people but some hashtags are so oversaturated that your content may not...

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